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1998 World Series New York Yankees Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

I think this is a sweet World Series side patch, but I like the ones from 2012 and 2013 that have the trophy on them even more.  I go to lots of Yankees games and I love it when I see the veteran fans wearing this cap!

Get a good look at those sweatband tags from 1998! 

It's not common to find this cap in unused condition. I guess some fan was still rocking his 1996 World Series cap when this one surfaced. By the time he was ready for it, the Yankees were selling caps for the 1999, 2000 and 2001 World Series, though the 2001 cap is not one that you'll see fans wearing for obvious reasons.

You all know what the Yankees logo looks like and represents: pure Death Star status right there!

The 2015 baseball season is officially underway and if your favorite team is 0-4, I offer my condolences and I wish you the best of luck for next season. However, if your favorite team is 4-0 at this point then I must congratulate you on your all-but-guaranteed World Series championship...

I live in New York City so I'm surrounded by Yankees fans. Lots of them act arrogantly, but most of them are well-meaning despite their notorious reputation. While the majority of the baseball world is often at odds with Yankees fans, very few people empathize with them in their moments of pain.

I can relate to their (irrational) sorrow at the moment as their beloved team is currently sporting a 1-2 record. The reasons for concern are valid but I hardly believe that this team will have a .333 winning percentage at the season's end. My claim is not founded on personal convictions but rather, it's based on a precedent set by the 1998 New York Yankees. 

While you might know that the 1998 Yankees finished with a winning percentage of .704, what you might not have known is that they started the season 0-3 before going on to having one of the most successful seasons in the history of baseball's modern era. Yes, that 114-48 finish is firmly rooted in losing the first three games of the season!

A fun fact about that year is that the Yankees finished on an especially high note when they completed a four-game sweep of their newest division rivals, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, in their inaugural season. A fun fact about that team is that the Devil Rays' manager was current pitching coach for the Yankees, Larry Rothschild. That Devil Rays team finished the season in last place of the AL East with a record of 63-99 after starting the season 

I don't have to remind anyone how much more baseball there is left to play before we start making these big assumptions about how the season will end. However, I do feel the need to let folks know that baseball is a weird game. You're weird for liking it and that's that. 

Also, I just did a quick search on Rothschild and found out that his MLB debut was on September 11, 1981 and that his last game was on September 11, 1982. Another strange fact is that Rothschild was fired from his job with the Devil Rays one month into the 2001 season. Kind of an eerie set of statistics right there, but we already established how weird baseball can be by now.