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2003 New Britain Rock Cats

Hey folks, wouldn’t you know, it’s time for the 2015 Back-to-School edition of Fresh Fitted Friday! Hopefully y'all had a great summer; I know it has been a fun one for me but one downside is I haven’t posted in far too long. Well all that changes today as I’ve got a new (to me) snapback that I’m excited to welcome to the family: a New Britain Rock Cats cap from the early 2000’s.

Look at that Cattitude! The "N" and "B" are for New Britain but kitty has no problem covering them up!

If i had to put a firm year on it I’d say it’s from 2003 based on the inside tags, which are identical to those found on this 2003 Buffalo Bisons Cap.

Same inside-of-the-cap tags action as other minor league caps from 2003.

This Minor League Baseball tag seems to be unique to this cap, though

I have never attempted to hide my distaste for teams that utilize fictitious animals however, this cap has something different about it. Maybe I'll feel ok wearing this cap in public now because this logo has reached a new level of esotericism. As of next season, the Rock Cats will be defunct which means that as time goes by, fewer and fewer people will perpetuate the myth of this fantastical creature.

That is one rascally looking Rock Cat...whatever a Rock Cat is/was

Make no mistake in that I realize how sad it is that New Britain, Connecticut is losing it’s beloved team after hosting 30 vibrant years of consistent baseball in that town. The upside though is that the club’s move next season is going to be into a new stadium that is only about twelve miles down the road in nearby Hartford. Another plus is that the team's moniker is going from “mildly ridiculous” to "insanely ludicrous” as 2015 marks the inaugural season for the Hartford - wait for it - Yard Goats.

The New Era logo emblazoned on the snap is a nice touch but it's not as sturdy as the traditional snaps.

It might seem that the fine people of New Britain are getting shortchanged here, it’s firstly important to remember that the team isn’t moving that far away. Another thing to keep in mind is that these fans had the opportunity to watch many amazing players have wear the New Britain uniform over the years. The two that stick out most in my mind the most are Torii Hunter and David Ortiz.

Best Card Courtesy of
Many thanks to Sportzedge for posting this photo of a not-so-big Papi on their site!

In the past week, Ortiz made history by becoming the 27th player to hit 500 career home-runs so his case for entry into the Hall of Fame is a little stronger than Hunter’s however, I personally appreciate Hunter’s all-around baseball prowess rather than the Ortiz brand of mash-ball. Either way, both are stellar ballplayers so hopefully you enjoy seeing superstars in their early days of playing ball!

1998 Multi-Ad Sports Eastern League Top Prospects #11 - Torii Hunter - Courtesy of
Grabbed this photo of Torii Hunter from but their "embed and share" code wasn't working on here so hopefully they're ok with the shout here!

If you’d like to do some further reading on the Rock Cats rebranding as the Yard Goats, Slate recently published a fine article that provides an insightful look at Brandoise, which is the sports marketing firm responsible for this re-branding effort and those of many other teams. 

On the topic of feline happenings, I have one final piece of noteworthy news to share with you:  A Cat Cafe Is Opening In Brooklyn This Caturday Saturday !!!!