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2016 Angels Ugly Sweater Cap

Last night, I was all set to deliver some photos and commentary on yet another cap from a previous year's All-Star Game when I realized the whole night had escaped me because I was watching a baseball game between the two worst teams in the AL West: the Los Angeles Angels and the Oakland A's.

The only explanation as to why I put myself through such an ordeal is because one of my favorite former San Francisco Giants, Tim Lincecum, was on the mound for the Angels. To say I still have fond memories of The Freak is an understatement. To me, he symbolized the beginning of the current Golden Era of Giants baseball but of course the fact that I just called it a Golden Era will jinx them and they will be bad for the next 40 years.

I think I just jinxed that jinx and they'll be good instead now but baseball is weird. I guess I'm weird too because superstition drove me to think that the safest way to ensure Tim Lincecum would be lights out last night (spoiler: he wasn't) would be to watch the Angels telecast rather than the one from the A's.

I was certain that the Angels announcers would spread homerifically positive juju energy to Timmy while Oakland's broadcasters would just talk about Timmy as if he was just a shell of his former self and that he'd never be as great as he was during his prime in San Francisco. Frankly, the last thing I needed while watching this game was that sort of realistic viewpoint shoved into my face thankyouverymuch.

Another thing that's weird is the free promotional items that baseball teams give away throughout the season, especially losing clubs. Case in point, because I was watching the Angels telecast I learned that in the spirit of a two-day event called "Christmas in June Celebration", they are giving away a cap with an Ugly Christmas Sweater pattern at Angel Stadium tonight!

I actually like it and hope you do too. I also hope that brings you more joy than Tim Lincecum is bringing to Los Angeles right now and that the Giants can trade their last round draft signing to the Angels so Tim Lincecum can come back to San Francisco on the cheap.

At any rate, here is a photo of the cap that they are giving away tonight. My apologies to Christoph Bono, who was the Giants'  last pick from the 2016 draft to sign with the team. It's not personal, I just want Tim Lincecum back on the Giants. Thanks!  

I will be in the greater Los Angeles area this weekend but sadly I will not be able to make it to the game in which they're giving away this cap. If anyone gets one, please pass some photos along this way!

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