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2014 Cedar Rapids Kernels Road Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

It's said the longest day of the year is sometime between June 20-22 but for baseball fans, the longest week of the year is the week of the All-Star break. The mid-summer respite never comes as a surprise but four consecutive days without games disrupts my daily ritual of checking box scores and setting my fantasy roster. Thankfully, play recommences today.

Since the All-Star Game didn't inspire me to write about a particular hat or team for this week's Fresh Fitted, I selected an unworn cap from the vault. Perhaps the biggest reason for busting out this Cedar Rapids Kernels cap is that one of my favorite non-baseball summertime activities is eating copious amounts of corn on the cob and I love that the logo combines both elements so well.
If you can't tell what's going on here, let me fill you in. Inside that corn stalk is a smiling corn cob/baseball bat hybrid thing wearing a hat and he looks like he's taking a nap. Everything about him is perfect.
Thankfully we've got a Made In U.S.A. issue cap here which makes the patriot in me sing Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Based on the sole element of variety, I'm digging the green brim on the front and the green, white and blue MILB batterman on the back.
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