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Gary Sheffield 2005 All-Star Game Cap

Disclaimer: For the first time in a long while, this is a post that is not about Tim Raines or the Montreal Expos.

I've spilled much ink over Raines and the Expos lately but now is the time to move past the celebration phase of the 2016 Hall of Fame voting results. I do believe this is an acceptable time to make a case for a player I grew up watching and one who deserves more Hall of Fame votes than he's received thus far: the inimitable and easily irritable Gary Sheffield!

I realize a one-off blog post isn't going to get the man inducted into Cooperstown. Shef had his troubles defensively but it's hard to argue against the strong offensive numbers he put up during his 22 year career. Even though Shef wasn't a DH, his numbers rival Edgar Martinez, Vladamir Guerrero and David Ortiz who are each worthy of induction. 


Whether you think Shef belongs in the Hall or not shouldn't stop you from enjoying the photos below which are of a signed hat that he allegedly wore in the 2005 All-Star Game, which was his 9th and final appearance in the Midsummer Classic. Also, second disclaimer: I do not own this hat as I have a thing against purchasing autographed items.

/end second rant

Lots of detail in this signature. Whatever happened to the simple way: "Dear Larry, I hope that bunion flare clears up. Best, Gary Sheffield"
Shef's last All-Star Game being played Detroit is ominous as the Tigers would sign him two years later, only to release him two years after that when he was only one home-run away from his 500th. Of course, he ended up signing on with the New York Mets and got his 500th home-run with them. And then 10 more after that. And then he retired.

I believe this week's post is the first to specifically feature a cap from 2005 which is important as that was the first year caps featured these blue tags which remind me of the Blue Note Records logo.

Here's a closer look at those cool blue tags...oh and how about that "Authentic Collection" tag which has some blue in it and is cool in its own way? (There, there, Authentic Collection Tag)

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