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1992-93 Denver/New Orleans Zephyrs Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

For those who don't care about details pertaining to the materials New Era used in its caps over the years, I admit that the posts from the past few weeks haven't been super exciting. But then again, would anyone who didn't at least have a passing interest ever purposefully come to this blog in the first place?

What is exciting (for me at least) is I found a backup for the Denver Zephyrs hat that I wrote about in the early years of Baseball Milquetoast. This is a hard one to find and I'm glad it didn't cost me an absurd amount of money. 

The cap logo is a little frayed but consider this: when the Denver Zephyrs suited up for their last game in 1992, a good majority of my co-workers were not born yet. So let's just think about that for a moment.

Not the crispest sweatband but what can you do? Like I said earlier, this cap couldn't have been worn by a Denver Zephyr after 1992 and these sweatband tags seem to be most consistent with caps from 1994 1992-93.

If this hat is actually from 1994, then this isn't a Denver Zephyrs hat but a New Orleans Zephyr hat! I could feel bamboozled but I guess the fans in New Orleans had it worse since they had to deal with a secondhand cap logo from 1993 until they rebranded in 2005. Here's a fun read about that story.

The MILB batterman began to appear on caps until 1995 1994. Due to its absence, I'd wager this this cap is from 1992-93 especially considering these sweatband tags which are consistent with caps from those years.

Ozzie Canseco looks great in green hats, as evidenced by this but just so y'all can see that I wasn't jiving about the New Orleans Zephyrs cap, here's a photo of him wearing one. Honestly, I only used this card because he was the only recognizable player that I could find who wore it. 
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