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1983-1993 SF Giants Cap 3

This is a great cap that has been seeing some use lately. It's kind of a test-cap of sorts as it came with a glued-on MLB batterman logo patch and I removed it using the heat from a blow-dryer. The cap is fine and there is little evidence that the patch was there. I suppose it was my curiosity that motivated me to remove it but I think it looks better without it there. Should I feel some remorse about this, though?

My main motivation in documenting these caps is to figure out some sort of timeline as to the year in which they were released however, there are stumbling blocks in my speculation. For example, the rear MLB batterman logo did not appear until 1992, however the "Authentic Diamond Collection" tag on the inside of the cap is only half-stiched on and does appear to resemble those from caps released before 1992. What I have come up with is that New Era had older caps on hand and simply affixed a rear MLB batterman logo patch onto caps from previous seasons. I've got nothing to prove this theory other than it explains the incongruencies such as the batterman logo and the inside tags.

Either way, this cap is a beauty. It is advertised as being a 7 1/2 and feels a lot more snug than a 7 3/8 that I wrote about in my first post. While I have no concrete knowledge about the year this cap was released, I know I definitely enjoy wearing it on a regular basis!