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1999 Columbus Clippers Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Not long ago I picked up this 1999 Columbus Clippers cap but haven't worn it until right now because it looks like next week will be my first Yankees game of the year. I'll need to be rocking a Yankees cap with some uniqueness to it and I think this will do the trick.

This is the classic "Big C" logo that the Clippers wore from 1996 through 2008. You can pick up a legit reproduction at Sole Collector while supplies last. Get on that!

The sweatband tags match the ones from the 1998 World Series New York Yankees cap, yet the "New Era" flag didn't show up  on Clippers caps until 1999, making this the earliest year this cap could have been produced.

That MILB batter man is completely murdered-out. I haven't seen one like that before or since this cap!

The Clippers wore this cap from 1996 through the 2008 season and while it's not going to be the most obscure cap in the bleachers, I still doubt most of the fans will recognize the logo...or even care what it is. One thing I've noticed about Yankees fans is that for the most part they are rarely interested in their team's player development system. I suppose I the Yankees have been sufficiently successful at the major league level long enough that their fans don't need to look to the farm teams for help.

I have mentioned before that I grew up in a minor league town so I remember this cap very well. Jorge Posada wore this version of the cap as a member of the Clippers in 1996. Another member of that year's team (for four rehab games) was my all-time favorite base-stealer, Tim Raines!

Posada recently let his emotions get the best of him recently and the media definitely had some fun capitalizing on that. The first offense described the bitter bus he has been driving in Joe Girardi's honor since he relieved Posada of his starting catcher role in 2011. His second boo-boo was bad-mouthing potential Hall-of-Famers like Alex Rodriguez who are known PED users.

Although Posada has done his best attempt at damage control and of course Girardi and Rodriguez have taken the high road with "it's all good" responses. Nevertheless the words cannot be unsaid.  I realize that Posada is trying to sell copies of his book and doing interviews is a big part of that process.

The thing that concerns me is that this "victim" look is not really the Yankee way. Also, how awkward will it be for everyone when Posada's jersey number gets retired on August 22 at Yankee Stadium?

This cap isn't going on the Trading Block but please don't hesitate to reach out if you want any other cap from that list and you are willing to part with any of the caps on my Wish List.

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