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Spokane Indians Alternate 3 Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I've written about the Spokane Indians only once before but this week's Fresh Fitted is a cap logo redesign brought to you by - big surprise here - Brandiose. This collaboration was one of their earlier projects and what I appreciate most about this insignia (besides the artwork, of course) is the respectful path the designers followed in the rebranding effort.

The Brandiose team (which was known then as Plan B) worked closely with the elders of the official Native American tribe in Spokane when crafting this new look. Their driving force throughout the process was that every design element was executed gracefully and with the sign-off of the tribe's leadership which you can read a bit more about here.

The design team wouldn't be able to produce such consistently elegant work if it wasn't for the lengthy amount of research that is done at the onset of the process. Here is a quick retrospect Brandiose performed which covers some of the art that inspired them to create what they did. 

Just one of the many iterations of caps that the Spokane Indians have in their rotation but this colorway and logo is my favorite

The simplicity of the S and implementation of the baseball with the eagle feather here is top notch

The Made In U.S.A. tag is of utmost importance

 Spokane has had a professional baseball team since the late 19th century and I'm glad this updated cap is in my collection

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Unknown said…
That baby blue trim around the S really puts this one over the top. Love it!