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1990 Everett Giants - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I know what's going through your mind right now: "enough with the snapbacks, already!" is what you are thinking, right? Well, you're correct in that the snapbacks have gotten much love around here lately but I couldn't help myself from sharing this particularly fresh 1990 Everett Giants snapback with you. 

The reason it's releasing from the vault today is because my beloved San Francisco Giants are in town to play the New York Mets this weekend and I wanted a unique hat to wear to the game tonight. I also decided to wear this snapback to the game because it fits me a little better than the fitted 1992 version of the cap that I wrote about a few weeks ago. 

This particular variation of the cap is one that they wore only for the 1990 season

A closer look at the single-season beauty that is this cap logo.

The only inside tag on this one is of the New Era variety

Here's a look at the Made in U.S.A. writing on the back of the snaps.

The cap shown in the minor league card below has "Giants" without Everett in the logo, which was how the logo was laid out through the 1989 season. 

I chose this card because the guy's name is Cespedes so I'm guessing he was an amazing 5-tool outfielder for the Everett Giants because he must be related to Yoenis Cespedes...

For a depiction of the 1990 cap, I have two different cards of the pitcher Lenny Ayers from that season. I chose this player because my spellcheck autocorrects his name to "Lemmy Aerys" probably because my keyboard knows that I've been listening to lots of Mõtorhead and reading the Game of Thrones novels on this device. 

Here you can see that the word Everett is in the cap logo. And that Ayers is making a weird face while he is about to deliver a staged pitch.

Here's a closer look at the cap and again, Ayers is seen here making that face while just relaxing.

In 1991, the Everett Giants went with the creamy white cap which is a style that they went with for just that season. The decision to go away from this color cap makes sense because the players on the team were probably issued only one cap for the entire season and it was most likely stained beyond recognition after the first couple weeks of the season. 

I chose this card of Chuck Wanke mainly because I love his name but also because it looks like he's reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner or God Bless America but he's so happy in the moment that he forgets to take off his hat.

I hope you enjoyed this week's post and hopefully you'll be on the lookout for me and my fresh Everett Giants snapback while watching the Giants-Mets game tonight!

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