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2014 Asheville Tourists Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

I had so much fun last week writing about my vintage Asheville Tourists cap that I decided one post was simply not enough! While last week touched on a vintage cap logo, this week's post features the one they have worn from 2011 through today.
What made last week's cap especially fun for me was that I had friends visiting from out of town which meant that I wore it spending all day Saturday in my current home city of New York being guessed it: Tourist! 

That symbolism was giggle-worthy when it finally occurred to me and as it happens his week I'm on vacation in Colorado which is one of my former homes as it is the state where I attended university. This only means that it is now my turn to play the part of Tourist in a place that is both familiar and foreign to me!

While I'm here, I'll be looking forward to revisiting all of my old haunts and learning about new ones, all while wearing this sweet Asheville Tourists hat that I've had in waiting since 2014. 

As far as the logo is concerned, this cap combines so many different aspects of Asheville that it's hard not to fall in love with it at first sight, which is just like town itself! The Brandiose team was in charge of this redesign and I wouldn't be the first one to say they "hit it out of the park" (hardy har har) but they really did a phenomenal job of using strong source material in this updated look.

The one thing I learned by researching the inspiration for this design is that the ballclub and Brandiose both wanted to pay homage to the monikers that the Asheville team used ("Moonshiners" and "Mountaineers") back in their early days.

The legend goes that in that time, smaller clubs were comprised of mostly local fellas. So in 1915 (or thereabouts) town newspapermen saw an opportunity to be snarky when they saw an unrecognizable collection of players and stated that a "bunch of tourists" were out there playing on the field. 

I'm glad that name stuck because it's provided Asheville with a very unique identity in Minor League Baseball as well as some very fun cap logos thus far. Does it really get any better than a moon smiling (drunkly) down on a baseball field? I think not!

That moonman has lots to be happy about and this sweet colorway is just one of the reasons. We've got Midnight Navy, Blue Ridge Blue and Biltmore Jade.

Even if you are a Tourist, the trusted and true "Made in U.S.A. tags are a must.

It's very understated but I love the "Blue Ridge Blue" MILB batterman.

For a little further reading on this triumphant rebrand effort, I recommend you check out some words from the artists over on The Clink Room blog.

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