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1992 Greensboro Hornets Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Considering one of the earliest minor league baseball caps I ever owned was a Greensboro Hornets one, it's hard to believe it's taken me this long to write about this team's hat. Well, I suppose that's only partially true as I once posted a 1996 Greensboro Bats cap but I'm really glad to finally show some love to this iconic gem.

Greensboro only had this cap logo from 1990 through 1993, but it was glorious while it lasted

A red hornet is not one you want to tangle up with, especially not one wielding a bat

The sweatband tags here are identical to those found on my post of this Everett Giants cap

Grey underbrim, white sweatband and the absence of the New Era and MILB  batterman logos is the best combination 

When I first started going to Norfolk (then-Tidewater) Tides games as a youth in the early 1990's, I'm not sure if I knew there was any difference between the players I was watching on the field and the ones from televised games and highlight reels.  I figured it out eventually and at first I was disappointed that I wasn't ever going to see Rickey Henderson, Roger Clemens and Ken Griffey, Jr. play in a game, which is normal kid stuff I guess. Still, it didn't take long before I found out that the best players out there were only a heartbeat away from the majors and I finally began to start appreciating what I had. 

I developed an autograph collecting hobby/habit/addiction in 1992 and I was happy to get every player's signature that I could obtain. I don't know if I ever got greedy but I remember feeling an extra dose of enthusiasm when I'd get a highly touted prospect like Chipper Jones to sign a big stack of cards for me. On the flip side, I was definitely disappointed when a rising star like Mo Vaughn was too busy to sign my cards but guys like Chipper made up for that with their generosity. 

Another player who left me with nothing but positive memories was Derek Jeter during his time with the Columbus Clippers in 1994 and 1995. The other three members of the "Core 4" (Andy Pettitte Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera) were on those teams but I only have signatures from Jeter and Posada. I'm sure that Pettitte and Rivera would have signed any card I had as well, but I think I had my target on Jeter simply because I had so many cards for him to sign.

I'd like to thank Jeter in person someday but until then, I'll just appreciate my love for the hat he's wearing in the cards that he signed for me. I need to find those cards and post photos of them as well but in the meantime, here is a photo of Jeter as a Greensboro Hornet:

The cards that I have with his signature are great but I like that this image shows his youthfulness and the cap in better detail. (photo credit: WGHP Fox 8)

I plan on wearing this cap to the Yankees-White Sox game at Yankee Stadium tonight. My goal is that at least one person recognizes this cap and comments on its awesomeness. I also hope that you enjoyed this write-up on a cap that's very special to me! 

This cap isn't for sale or trade however don't hesitate to reach out if there's something you like on the Trading Block and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List.

As always, thanks for coming back to read about baseball hat geekery. I've got comments disabled here so if you'd like to discuss a trade or simply just chat about hats, please feel free to connect via the following social sites:

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