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2006 Asheville Tourists Snapback

You've probably noticed that I've been on the snapback tip for the past few weeks and it's not just because of the nasty heatwave we've recently experienced here in New York City. You might remember that my selection of the Elmira Pioneers and Spokane Indians caps were symbolic and this week's is no different. 

Tomorrow, August 20, is MCA Day at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY and I'll be wearing this Asheville Tourists hat with the A logo as a sign of respect for the late Adam Yauch. If you happen to be in the NYC area and are looking for something to do that is fun, inspirational and FREE then you should definitely stop by Littlefield anytime from 12-6 PM on Saturday.

This is the cap logo that the Tourists wore from 2005-2010 aka the cap's serious period between the solo reign of Ted E. Tourist and the arrival of Mr. Moon.
There were 15 seasons of this cap logo but wool versions with grey underbrims are rare because of MLB and MILB's transition to polyester caps with black under brims in 2007.
I decided this cap is from 2006 based on this post by Paul Carr — aka the man behind The Ballcap Blog, which has inspired this one greatly — where he discusses the history of the "Blue Box" New Era logo.
Of course, the Made In U.S.A. is only made sweeter by the "New Era Fits" taping around, which makes sense because it is not a 59Fifty like the White Sox cap pictured below.

The cap that the Chicago White Sox wore in the 2005 World Series is a prime example of the year in which the "Blue Box" logo made its debut.
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