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2014 Everett AquaSox - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It's been torrid in NYC over the past few days and when I have a fever, the only cure is "more Teal"… ballcaps! While last week's episode of Tealism Appreciation focused on an East Coast squad, this week we jaunt across the country to show love to another team with an "E" on the cap logo and it's one that I had all but forgotten about: the Everett AquaSox.  

My friend and I were at the Mets game on Tuesday and as we were bashing the DiamondBacks' ultra-dark road grays, he brought up the Ninja BlackSox from the old NES game Baseball Stars. The uniforms are similar but even more, the "DiamondBacks" moniker is reminiscent of the other stupid names in that game which made me think of the AquaSox.

Last week's cap was of a Class A-Short Season team and so is this one, as seen by the use of the 90 degree rotation of the iconic Mariners trident.

Those who believe in nautical superstitions say the upside down trident is bad luck and that the Seattle Mariners might never bring back that look but I think the rotated trident here is fine.

New Era, thanks for making some of your caps here in the U.S.A. 

When the San Francisco Giants and Seattle Mariners swapped Single A affiliates in 1995, the Bellingham Mariners and the Everett Giants ceased to exist but on the plus side, tealism was born.

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