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2008 Fort Myers Miracle Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Firstly, many apologies for not posting last week. I should have been more forthcoming about that but as they say: "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen." Aw shucks, y'all know I don't really believe that! 

At any rate, with only a few weeks away left in the regular season it's finally setting in for me that David Ortiz's career of playing baseball will be ending as well. As a Giants fan, I'm still salty that he smooth-talked Pablo Sandoval into leaving San Francisco for Boston but then again, Pablo has been a terrible on the Red Sox and the Giants have been fine without him. 

I guess one positive of Pablo playing in Boston is that I have more opportunities to heckle him when he comes to New York although it's easier to razz a player if they actually, you know, play. While I've never actively rooted for Big Papi, I respect him immensely and would never boo him. Also, he's huge and he could crush me if I upset him.

A while back I decided I needed to commemorate Ortiz in a heartfelt yet not-too-flattering way. Almost a year ago to the date, I shared an image of Ortiz wearing a New Britain Rock Cats hat  which was similar to the one I was writing about that week and for this week's tribute, I wanted to find another vintage cap in my collection of one of his former teams.

This task proved to be very difficult as he didn't play for many minor league teams but I narrowed it down to the Fort Myers Miracle and the Salt Lake Buzz. I liked that each team name is unique, both in originality as well as they're each singular nouns. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate either in my size so today I am writing about a Miracle hat I've never worn.

This logo was used from 2003-2010, however the material is 100% polyester and the underbrim is black, noting that this cap is from the later end of that range.

The satin taping with "Originators of the True Fitted" was mainly used on caps from 2008-2010. Interestingly enough, in the photos I've seen of the Miracle from that era they seem to wear a variation of this cap with a red brim.

Little did I know that when I posted about the current cap logo at the beginning of this year's Spring Training that two weeks later they'd be honoring Big Papi for the impact his career had for Fort Myers.

Here is an Ortiz card from 1997 where he is wearing the cap logo that the Miracle wore from 1993-2000.

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