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1993 Fort Wayne Wizards

At this point last week I made a desperate plea for Joe Maddon and the Chicago Cubs to swiftly "take care" of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS…because I hate the Dodgers. Well, a week has passed and the Cubs are one win away from making that request a reality.

The end of the Dodgers season basically means I can stop worrying about them potentially being World Series champions. This frees up lots of time for fall activities such as getting in Halloween mode by watching horror and sci-fi type movies.

Like any normal person I enjoy movies about supernatural elements that set out to destroy the world (or small towns) and the supernatural forces that aim to defeat those forces. A lot of times sorcery is involved and I'm very cool with wizards.

FYI, I especially appreciate wizardry that incorporates baseball so I would be thrilled if Joe Maddon could cast a spell on the Dodgers bats, turning them into papier mâché from wood. Also, I like when clubs have Wizards as a team name as Fort Wayne did from 1993-2008.

This is the logo the Wizards wore from 1993 through 1997

Most teams had caps with the MILB batterman by 1994 so its absence here tells me this one is from 1993 at the latest.

The sweatband tags are consistent with caps from 1994 1992 through 1996. Considering these and the lack of the MILB batterman, I'll guess this cap is from the earlier side of that range the team's inaugural season in1993.

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Unknown said…
Is this hat for sale or do you know where I can find one?