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2010 Casper Ghosts Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

We're only a few days away from Halloween so it's a must that this week's Fresh Fitted has an All Hallow's theme. There are some teams with scarier and/or spookier logos out there (eg. Lake Elsinore Storm, Orem Owls and Ogden Raptors) but the fact that the "Casper Ghosts" team name has expired, this cap seems even more haunted than ever.

To prove my point about the ghoulish nature of this cap, look no further than the way in which the Casper Rockies decided to unveil their rebranded look on Halloween back in 2007. Brandiose was at the helm of the creation of the new identity and its success with this effort solidified their reputation as a top-tier design firm in the world of sports logos.

This cap logo glows in the dark but my camera is simply not powerful enough to capture this awesomeness. Luckily Chris Creamer's Sportslogos site is way better blog than mine and has no issues getting the job done.

While the Casper Ghosts ceased to exist following the 2011 season, these sweatband tags are consistent with MILB caps from 2013 through current day. This tells me the cap could potentially have been a reproduction.

Another tell that this cap is a reproduction is that the MILB batterman as well as the New Era flag (as shown in first photo) on the wearer's left side is a dark navy. These two elements contrast with the orange versions that is visible on baseball cards and photos of players wearing the cap. Click here for an example of this.

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