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Florida Marlins 1997 World Series Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

After writing about Tim Raines and his connection to the New York Yankees 1996 World Series cap last week, I wanted to cover another cap from a team that Raines played for. I was also itching to write about another World Series cap which is why I'm glad I found this 1997 Florida Marlins cap. 

Even though Raines wasn't on the team in 1997, he did spend his last season there in 2002. Sadly, I once again need to come clean to state that I do not own this cap. The good news in that admission is that if you head over to eBay fast enough the cap can be yours! Of course I'm not going to provide a link to it or anything but hopefully you can forgive me for that.

My opinion often wavers when it comes to colorway preferences, but I dig the teal & black more in comparison to the all-teal and all-black versions. 

Not much of a difference between the 1997 World Series patch and the one from the year before but this patch has become somewhat iconic over time.

The flag version of the New Era tag was introduced in 1997 however this cap has sweatband tags that are clearly from before then. 

This version of the Authentic Diamond Collection was used from 1994 through 1997, or thereabouts.

I've always been a fan of this version of the New Era tag as it is the one that was featured on my very first fitted caps as a youngling.

The mid-1990's size tag here is short, simple and sweet.

Part of the fun in getting your hands on an official World Series cap is the neat little hologram sticker that comes with it. This particular one has the "What a Game" tagline which was a campaign that MLB had at the time.
I hope enjoyed finding out more about this Florida Marlins 1997 World Series cap. Come back next week for more fun!

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