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1982-86 Chicago White Sox

It would seem like this week's Fresh Fitted is just an extension off last week's Disco Era Chicago White Sox caps logo but this cap's significance to me is a lot greater than that. I mentioned last time that a minor league team called the Peninsula White Sox (also known as the Pen-Sox) wore this cap from 1986-87. 

There aren't many photos or baseball cards of the Pen-Sox but the ones I could find both show them wearing the navy crown/red brim version of the block-style "Sox" cap logo that the major league team wore from 1982-86.

I singled out Adam Peterson's 1986 card solely because I remember having some of his late 1980's and early 1990's White Sox cards
Same goes for Scott Radinsky although most of his cards from that White Sox era had him showing off a sweet mullet. 
Here's a photo of Harold Baines wearing the red-brimmed cap. He's shown here with Jesse Barfield. I don't like to make assumptions about folks but I can tell these two would be really pleasant if I ever met them, especially Barfield who won me over with this New York Times story from 1989
Disclaimer: I was unable to physically track down this White Sox cap but I did find a seller on eBay who had one for sale so those are the photos that I'm posting today. If you want some fun extra credit try to identify the pattern of the kitchen towel shown in the following photos!

This cap is not as memorable as the all-blue cap that Chris Sale hated or the white panel one that he mildly tolerated. Because of its red brim, I could see this cap being confused for a Red Sox cap which is actually very fitting.
The grey underbrim/leather sweatband combination is very rare. In fact because last week's Fresh Fitted (which was worn before the red-brimmed version) had a white sweatband, I assumed the Sox ditched the leather then.

The leather sweatband features an "Official Licensee/Major League Baseball" tag which my hat-brother Paul Carr says began to appear around 1983-84 which makes me think this cap is from the early end of that range.

The red button is the cherry on top...figuratively.

I was all ready to tie a bow on this week's edition of Fresh Fitted Friday when I noticed that the eBay seller mentioned earlier is also trying to unload the version of the cap I wrote about last week.
This cap has the leather sweatband which clearly different than last week's Fresh Fitted however the real perplexities appear with the tags.

Although the "Official Licensee/Major League Baseball" tag is absent, the New Era tag here is a version that is more recent than last week's Fresh Fitted. I imagine this is just a case of New Era using the tags and materials that they had on hand rather than being staunch on production standards.

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