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1991-92 Jackson Generals

Two weeks into the 2017 MLB season and it's looking less likely that my prediction of the Houston Astros winning the AL Pennant will work out. As the Astros' hot start has fizzeled, what's worse is the Giants are cellar dwellers of the NL West while the Diamondbacks are at the top. There's a lot more games to play this year but stumbling out of the gate is no fun.

What's fun is that for the fourth time in four weeks, I'm writing about a mesh-crown hat from a former Houston Astros minor league team! Nailing down the exact years for these caps hasn't been easy but the window on this one isn't large. From 1975 through 1990, the Jackson Generals were known as the Mets so the earliest this one can be from is 1991. 

Behold the rare five-star ranking of this fresh mesh hat.  

It's always fun to find a crisp green bottom cap, even when it isn't of the fitted variety

The mesh striations are visible and the "Made in U.S.A." on the snap makes this a very bold cap indeed.

After digging around and, I found that the team's caps featured the grey underbrim starting in 1993 which tells me that this one is most likely from one of the first two years of the Jackson Generals existence. I love it when a plan comes together!

In my 5/6/16 write-up of the cap worn by the Double-A Jackson (TN) Generals of the Southern League, I mentioned how I initially confused that team with the Double-A Texas League team I'm writing about here. While these Generals are now the Corpus Christi Hooks, this team has maintained their affiliation with the Astros that began in 1991.

In that other Generals write-up I shared images of cards of former Jackson Mets and Generals players but now that I've found this Generals cap, my new goal is to find a Jackson Mets cap. One thing I noticed about that one is that its cap logo is very similar to the one the Jacksonville Suns sported when they were a Mets affiliate from 1966-68.

I somehow felt compelled to choose this photo of Tom Seaver in a Suns uniform and cap so you can compare it to the cap worn by Jackson (MS) Mets players.

Here's a Jackson Mets player named Ronald MacDonald. In addition to looking at his cap, please make note of the fact that his name is Ronald MacDonald.

I posted images of Bobby Abreu and Lance Berkman in the other Gemerals post so sharing this one of Brian Hunter was an easy choice as he was a  player who was also highly touted as a prospect. 

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Anonymous said…
My name is Amos K. Johnstown. I have it on good authority that the team is in fact named after General Stonewall Jackson! Side note, given the success of the play Hamilton, the playwright Rufus Jones is working on a similar tribute called "Jacskon". It's an operatic tribute to this great man and his horse, Jim.