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1991-93 Fayetteville Generals

My goal last week was to extend the "Houston Astros Minor League Cap Extravaganza" but I sadly was not able to obtain a qualifying hat in time. I did find a gem recently but since it hasn't arrived yet, last week's Carolina League Jackson Generals hat will have to segue into the cap worn by the now defunct Fayetteville Generals of the South Atlantic League.

The Fayetteville Generals were in existence from 1986-1996 and this is the cap logo they rocked for the majority of that time. I'm not a Detroit Tigers fan by any means but I am a big fan of the stars and Old English lettering.

The Generals switched to grey underbrims in 1994, so this hat is from somewhere between 1991 and 1993.  I doubt a fitted version of this cap exists but you better believe I'm hunting for it just in case!

Still in disbelief that a hat that is at least 25 years old has made it's way into my possession with the tags still on it. What a world!

I chose this card because 1991 was the year the Generals swapped out the all-white "F" and stars for orange with white outlines. I'm also showing this card because the guy's name is Rich Bombard and that just sounds cool.

Here's a card from 1992. I chose this one because the name Bob Undorf sounds like your typical old-time sounding baseball player. He also looks like a guy from the 1950's but he also looks like Scott Aldred.

I remember Scott Aldred being cuddly as a cactus when I tried to get him to sign cards when the Toledo Mud Hens came to play my hometown Norfolk Tides. Maybe he was less surly for the autograph hounds in Toledo.

Now this smiling face would not turn down a pre-teen's autograph request. Apparently the photographer used for this 1990 ProCards Fayetteville Generals team set took every single photo in front of the 400 ft mark of the outfield wall. If I was a pitcher, I might have objected to that.

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