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2017 Frisco RoughRiders Alt 2 Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

Continuing the Texas League celebration this week with a Frisco RoughRiders alternate hat which features the US's 26th President, Teddy Roosevelt, swinging a big ole bat. 
I wrote about the RoughRiders' primary home cap almost three years ago and mentioned then that one day I'd like to do a post about their Teddy (aka Alt #2) cap and today is that day!

An interesting connection between the RoughRiders and last week's Round Rock Express post is that the two teams only played against each other in the Texas League during Frisco's inaugural season in 2003 as Round Rock switched over to the Triple-A Pacific Coast League in 2004.

While the primary cap featured a New Era tag reading "Fly Your Own Flag" text, this cap which was acquired in 2017, does not which leads me to believe that 2016 was the last year the slogan was implemented on tags.

I don't have very many maroon caps in my collection so the maroon and baby/Carolina Blue MILB batterman is pretty neat.

It almost goes without saying but Brandiose absolutely knocked it out of the park with this Teddy Roosevelt alternate logo however another reason it is very topical is because tomorrow marks 118 years since the day Roosevelt became President of the United States. 

While our quadrennial elections have historically happened on the first Tuesday in November, the reason for this particular anniversary is because Roosevelt's predecessor, William McKinley, was assassinated on September 14, 1901. 

I'm sorry to have ended this week's post on a sort of sad note but if you look on the bright side, Roosevelt was a legend as far as Presidents go so I'm going to pay some solemn respects to ol' 26 this weekend and wear this hat in his honor. 

This cap is not going on the Trading Block however please do not hesitate to reach out if you want any other cap from that list and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List.

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