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2007 All Star Game Los Angeles Dodgers- Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Lots to discuss this week, y’all. First up: baseball’s back! Well, kinda. Sort of. Not really.

I'll get to my take on all that but first I’d like to discuss this week’s Fresh Fitted Friday cap which is just like the one worn by Russell Martin, Brad Penny and Takashi Saito as they represented the Dodgers at the 2007 All-Star Game which was held in San Francisco.

You’re probably wondering what in tarnation an SF Giants fan is doing with an LA Dodgers cap in his possession, let alone being so excited to feature it on his blog.

Well the quick answer is that this cap is special in that it is a role-reversal of what would have happened had the 2020 season gone as planned. In that scenario, the Dodgers would have hosted the MLB All-Star Game in Los Angeles this coming Tuesday, July 14.

As you might have noticed from previous blog posts, I tend to purchase the Giants version of almost every All-Star Game hat. This year however, I would have found myself in an interesting predicament as my hat would have Dodger cooties since it would have surely incorporated some sort of LA elements on the commemorative patch.

Well it turns out not only was the 2020 patch design totally innocuous but in addition to that, that the All-Star Game was canceled due to the volatile situation that MLB—and to a larger extent, the United States and world in general—is currently experiencing due to Covid-19.

So the good news is that instead of just a few Giants representing San Francisco at the All-Star Game this Tuesday, the newly revised 2020 schedule’s Opening Day has the two teams squaring off against each other in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 23.

And in case you were concerned about the Dodgers missing out on their chance to host the All-Star Game, it was recently decided that the 2022 exhibition game will be held in Los Angeles. I just hope they retool the patch to be a little more interesting than the 2020 logo.

So this brings us to this week’s hat which even though it is a Dodgers hat that I would ordinarily despise, I have to appreciate its significance as a historical relic. That it puts a “splash hit” design right on the side of our greatest rival’s cap makes this item an invaluable troll piece in my collection and one which I will be really hesitant to let go of.

I’ve featured caps worn by Dodgers farm teams before but this is the first LA Dodgers cap that I’ve ever written about.

In my petty and biased mind, the 2007 patch is the best one ever made. I was living in the Bay Area when the Giants hosted this All-Star Game but I especially dig this one as it was the first one to dutifully pay homage to the host city. Having this much orange on a Dodgers hat is incredible!

Like most of those minor league caps that I featured before, I most likely will never wear this hat other than the one time I put it on just to make sure it fit. And I think I caught a hex from doing just that.

In 2007, New Era introduced the polyester crown and black underbrims to the 59Fifty which was a change I lamented back then. However, now I have to admit that the wool caps would disintegrate after a certain amount of wears while these early polyester caps were built to last.

Back to my earlier misgivings about the prospects of the 2020 MLB season, I have a strong feeling MLB will inevitably have to cancel the season due to all the same reasons that caused it to be postponed in the first place.

Of course I’m not privy to all of the details that go into the decision-making that brought us to the current agreement but every day there are reports of players testing positive and that  alone is cause for alarm.

Couple that statistic with numerous players expressing concerns that tests aren’t being performed with regularity and that’s enough for me to deduce that those guiding the policies around the 2020 season’s reboot need to do more to sooth the concerns that players are having.

People are still getting sick too easily and despite what a lot of unreasonable fans believe, players are people too. I hope that the right decision will be made no matter how difficult or unpopular it seem at that time. Until that point though I’m going to enjoy the thought in my mind that baseball looms.

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