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San Bernardino Spirit (Hat Club Retro) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

After a few weeks in MLB-appreciation land, I've decided to shift my attention back toward MILB. This week's San Bernardino Spirit retro that I picked up from Hat Club in 2019 is the perfect cap to segue into yet another caravan of caps from West Coast teams and not just because it fulfills the "star" theme requirement seen in the previous three posts.

The main connection this cap shares with last week's Seattle Mariners cap is that it was one of the first logos worn by the generation of Mariners who were drafted right after the upside down trident drifted off to sea for good in 1987.

It me, the guy who bought a 7 1/8 and not a 7 3/8 or 7 1/2 like I normally wear. All good though as my Hat Jack has been working overtime this past year trying to stretch it out to my size.

I hope Hat Club decides to retro this cap again one day because I'm not even close to forgiving myself for ordering the wrong size here. Plus, this hat is so tight I'm about to pass out.

The most notable player to ever wear the Spirit cap during the team's brief yet impactful affiliation with the Mariners from 1988 through 1992 is none other than Ken Griffey, Jr.
Besides Griffey, the only other memorable Spirit who was more than your typical 1990's flash-in-the-pan Mariners prospect was Mike Hampton, who spent two seasons in San Bernardino. His overall numbers were better in 1992 than the previous year but it's worth noting his sole win in 1991 was a no-hitter.

A fun project for the blog that I'd like to take on someday would be tallying which MLB teams have had the most affiliates covered on this site. Off the top of my head, I'd have to say it's the Seattle Mariners but I imagine the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees are high up there too.

Even if my most covered team isn't the Mariners, I have found many useful bits of information on Seattle-centric sites such as Lookout Landing which wouldn't you know has write-up on the history of the San Bernardino Spirit that is definitely worth a read.

This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection has to go on the Trading Block because I foolishly purchased this hat in the wrong size so please don't hesitate to reach out if you want this or any other cap from that list and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List.

As always, thanks for coming back to read about baseball hat geekery. I've got comments disabled here so if you'd like to discuss a trade or simply just chat about hats, please feel free to connect via the following social sites:

Twitter: @FittedFriday