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1996 Savannah Sand Gnats

In this week's episode of Did You Know…?, I've got a fun little fact to share about today's date that I just recently learned which is March 12 is National Girl Scout Day!

For those of us who were not in a troop, the most immediate association commonly had when discussing Girl Scouts is the cookies and to be honest, I was guilty of this before I did a little research. As I dug deeper in reading up on this incredible organization, I learned how it provides an inclusive, all-female environment that nurtures leadership development skills to all the girls!

You're now probably wondering how this ties into a blog about baseball hats. The connection there is through my exploration I learned that Juliette Gordon Low (founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA) is from Savannah, GA which reminded me of my Savannah Sand Gnats cap that has been sitting in my closet for far too long.

The Savannah Cardinals rebranded as the Sand Gnats in 1996 which as we know was during the early years of MILB's wacky logo craze. Incidentally, that year was also within the peak of players using performance enhancing tactics and looking at that ripped physique, I'm afraid Gnic (aka the Gnat featured in the logo) participated in such usage.

I purchased this cap in "used" condition but I wasn't anticipating that the sweatband would be darker than the cap's tan crown. This is still better than getting bit by a gnat I suppose.

The batterman is a little muted in this photo but I like the camouflage effect here as well as how the tan and green colorway resembles the field uniforms that scouts wear.

Just after publishing last week's post I came across a Butte Copper Kings cap that I felt would have been great for this week's post as a sort of transitional post from a new Pioneer League team to a former one however I soon remembered promising the Boise Hawks would be the last "B" hat that I'd post in the series!

Undeterred, I recognized a new tangential theme had developed as both the Boise Hawks and Binghamton Mets caps each feature winged creatures with serious baseball acumen thus securing the Sand Gnats as this week's team. 

You can safely bet that next week's post will also feature this phenomenon but in the meantime try to see what you can do to support the good work being done by the Girl Scouts! The month of March is "Women's History Month" but we should collectively be doing everything we can to empower women of all ages during the other months of the year as well.

This cap is pretty banged up so I've deemed it fine to be featured on the Trading Block so please don't hesitate to reach out if you want this or any other cap from that list and you have an interesting trade offer such as one of the hats on my Wish List or even just something you think might be interesting to me!

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