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2015 Biloxi Shuckers Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

Howdy Folks! Once again, it has been far too long since my last dispatch so I decided to make a change to the blog's format in hopes of consistently producing weekly "Fresh Fitted Friday" content.

The FFF posts will now solely consist of a few photos with captions and when time permits, I will post in-depth analysis of the cap or its team's history. Those will be less frequent and perhaps a Throwback Thursday sort of thing. I'm eager to see how it plays out as well as hearing your feedback!

Twitter: @FittedFriday

If an oyster (or any other bivalve for that matter) did have a head, its eyes would give you a menacing look such as this.

If an oyster decides it's going to use the bottom-half of the letter "B" as its bed, let it be.

Over the past few years New Era has employed the cost-saving strategy of manufacturing some of its caps i and I believe quality suffers in that caseat case. This particular one has a "Made in U.S.A." tag and I appreciate that.

While the logo on the front of this cap makes me hungry for oysters, this batterman logo gets me revved up for baseball to start again. For the folks attending the upcoming Grapefruit League games in Florida, enjoying both will be feasible as Spring Training coincides with prime oyster season. Shuck Yeah!

If this cap strikes your fancy, click here to pick one up at the Biloxi Shuckers team store!