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2016 Norfolk Tides Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

During the December 4, 2015 write-up of my Vermont Lake Monsters vintage cap, I discussed the wide-range of fan reactions regarding the newly redesigned Norfolk Tides cap logo. Naturally, the old guard was hesitant to swap out the beloved wave-topped T logo that the Tides have employed since 1993 in favor of the trident-wielding seahorse created by Brandiose which for the unfamiliar is a design firm based in San Diego.

It turns out that the fans ended up appreciating Brandiose's efforts to the point that the Tides cannot keep the caps in supply enough to match the demand. I've followed Brandiose's output over the past few years and I'm thrilled with this collaboration with the Tides and that my hometown team now has a much-needed fresh new look.

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The incorporation of the N on the Trident pays tribute to the team's home in Norfolk and it is an amazing showcase of nautical weaponry as well. I'm not crazy about the green-orange colorway but I'd like to see what this cap would look like if it featured the official colors of the City of Norfolk flag.
The seahorse's clenched teeth is a Brandiose signature; it can be seen in their work with teams such as the Akron RubberDucks, Richmond Flying Squirrels, and the Lehigh IronPigs.
I'm always glad when I score a New Era on-field cap with the "Made In U.S.A." tag
The green-orange colorway has always given off a Sanitation Services kind of vibe to me but I have to admit that the orange, black and white MILB batterman logo is pretty slick. I'd still be interested in seeing what this cap would look like in the City of Norfolk colors or perhaps if the green crown was swapped out for a grey one.

Not only am I in a Fresh Fitted Friday kind of a mood, but I'm also in a Fun Fact Friday one as well. I recently discovered that contrary to what you might believe, seahorses don't neigh but in fact, they growl.