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Early 1990's Butte Copper Kings Snapback

It's been just over a month since I've last featured a snapback but now I feel compelled to write about one after learning some interesting information while researching the origins of the Casper Ghosts last week. I learned that the Pioneer League team was originally known as the Butte Copper Kings, which is a cap that I own and haven't featured yet… until now!

The Copper Kings wore this cap logo from 1989 through 1995 however it's clear this one is from the earlier end of that range.

The green underbrim is a giveaway that this cap is from before 1994. Also, the 44 on the underbrim tells me this was a game used cap.

This cap does not have an MILB tag and the New Era tag resembles the one from my 1992 Tidewater Tides cap. The cleanliness is about the same too. 

I don't know who #44 was on the Copper Kings but I can think of three spectacular players who did  have this uniform number: Hank AaronWillie McCovey and Reggie Jackson. Another connection to this number is the United States presidential transition from the 44th president to the 45th begins next week! Please no political comments. Just kidding; no one comments here! 

A little known fact is that avid baseball fan Bill Murray—who owns stake in multiple minor league franchises—was at one time a Co-Owner of the ballclub in Butte.  

Almost everyone in the baseball world is feeling happy for Murray as his lifelong dream of a Cubs World Series championship came to fruition this week. Here's a fun article that sums up his journey of limitless fandom this year.

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