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1990's Clinton LumberKings Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Writing last week's post, I had a vision as to how the next few days would unfold regarding the Presidential election of 2016 and how it would relate to the next post here. Well I was totally wrong in my assumption but regardless of that, if you love baseball then just know I want you to come here every week so I promise the political tie-ins will be minimal!

I really did think I'd be so clever by writing about Iowa's Clinton LumberKings. I asumed I'd be making a wink and a nod toward the team's host city as well as the name of the candidate who I had assumed would be the President-elect of the United States at this time. 

Do you recall last week's homage to a burly hirsuite man? He was wielding a long wooden apparatus meant to be used against a round ball, too!

The lack of an MILB batterman logo on the cap's rear and the squarish grey underbrim is similar to most Pro-Line caps from the mid-1990's.

The iniside tags are consistent with most of the Pro-Line caps that I've featured here before. 

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