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2016 Frisco RoughRiders - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I had a plan to do something so innovative that I'd be surprised if anything like it has ever been done. Of course please let me know if you know of any site that for three straight weeks featured a hulking man with facial hair who is brandishing a bat or bat-like object. My plan ended up not coming together due to an inventory snafu on my part but it all worked out as I really dig the cap I'm writing about today. 

The supposed trifecta started two weeks ago with the Butte Copper Kings snapback and was supposed to end with this cap that features Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt following his own advice of "speak softly and carry a big stick" 
This is the standard home cap which is the one that I owned rather than the Teddy cap.  Both are swell but maybe this "Double-R" logo has a more classic look.
Nothing out of the ordinary on the sweatband tags here.

If you look closely you can see that the MILB batterman logo is maroon and baby blue which to me is very 1980's Phillies-esque.


The current cap logos and uniform were designed by Brandiose, which is a San Diego-based design firm that has helmed successful rebrands for many minor league baseball teams. Every time I write about a Brandiose cap, I cruise to their site to see if they've updated the design and/or content and am usually disappointed to see that they haven't. 

Either way, I'm a ride or die (get it?) fan of Brandiose and this cap is no exception. I'm sure I'll end up getting my hands on the cap with the Teddy logo one of these days so look forward to that write-up. Hopefully I don't mess that one up too! 😄

This cap isn't for sale or trade however don't hesitate to reach out if there's something you like on the Trading Block and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List. 

Update: here's a fun article that discusses the RoughRiders' rebrand in more detail. 

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