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1984 Everett Giants

Trend alert! So for the third straight week we are looking at a Class A Short Season team however unlike the last few posts, this week the team is not from the New York-Penn League but rather its west coast counterpart.

I've previously posted about hats of the Everett Giants (now AquaSox) of the Northwest League and based on all of the images I've seen, this particular version was only worn during their inaugural season in 1984.

The only images I've found of an Everett Giants player wearing this version of the cap are in the black and white photographs used for the baseball cards from the 1984 Cramer set and I think I see some discrepancies between these two caps.

While my cap has a green underbrim it seems as though Joe Olker is seen here wearing what appears to be a grey underbrim on his cap.

I'm at loss as to why a black and white photo was used for a baseball card as recently as 1984 but, alas. Side note: I have a friend who is coincidentally is a photographer and has the last name Olker but he is unlikely to read this as he is not a big baseball fan.

Notice that Rob Cosby's hat has longer serifs than the ones on my cap. Another side note, I don't have any friends with the last name Cosby.
After giving this some thought, I believe I should attribute these variances to the possibility that there were simply multiple versions of the Everett Giants hat. The San Francisco Giants and their farms were typically early proponents of the grey underbrim but that wasn't always the case as we've seen before.

As I said earlier, I've only seen images of this cap on cards from the 1984 team set but I doubt it could be from any team other than the Everett Giants. Evansville Triplets? Hardly! I searched far and wide and unless this was a random college or high school cap, the Everett Giants wore it so if anyone has a question, comment or concern please fire away! 

This cap isn't for sale or trade however don't hesitate to reach out if there's something you like on the Trading Block and you are willing to part with any of the hats on my Wish List.

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