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1990 Everett Giants - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I know what's going through your mind right now: "enough with the snapbacks, already!" is what you are thinking, right? Well, you're correct in that the snapbacks have gotten much love around here lately but I couldn't help myself from sharing this particularly fresh 1990 Everett Giants snapback with you.  The reason it's releasing from the vault today is because my beloved San Francisco Giants are in town to play the New York Mets this weekend and I wanted a unique hat to wear to the game tonight. I also decided to wear this snapback to the game because it fits me a little better than the fitted 1992 version of the cap that I wrote about a few weeks ago.  This particular variation of the cap is one that they wore only for the 1990 season A closer look at the single-season beauty that is this cap logo. The only inside tag on this one is of the New Era variety Here's a look at the Made in U.S.A. writing on the back of the sn

2014 Ft. Myers Miracle Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I've written about the Ft. Myers Miracle on-feld cap before so this week's Fresh Fitted is just going to be a cursory look of a custom variant of that hat.  The main colors here are black, silver and pink and this colorway definitely goes nicely with sneakers that took part in the "South Beach" trend over recent years. They could have made the brim black but I think that the gunmetal is a nice touch as is the grey underbrim. The silver M is nicely subdued on the black crown and I dig the palm tree's pink leaves. The pink detail on the New Era flag and the MILB pops nicely. This custom colorway came out in late 2014 and the inside tags are consistent with other caps from that year not excluding the aforementioned Ft. Myers Miracle on-field cap. Of course, no trip to Miami is complete without an obligatory Golden Girls reference so I've got this enamel pin of my favorite character from the show: Sofia. The text belo

2008 New York Yankees "Virginia Tech" Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

This week's Fresh Fitted is not only a freshie but it is one that has a deep sentimental value to me as it is the cap that the Virginia Tech baseball team wore when they hosted the New York Yankees in a preseason exhibition game at English Field in the spring of 2008.  As I've noted in a previous post  about the cap that the Yankees wore during that game, it was played in memoriam of the Blacksburg Massacre at Virginia Tech the previous year. Tomorrow marks the 9th anniversary of the shooting, so today we will look upon the hat that the Hokies wore when the Yankees came to town.   The Yankee's "NY" logo has seen many custom colorways but very few are as powerful as this tribute made to Virginia Tech The Hokies "VT" logo on the wearer's left side is a solid show of respect from the Yankees The orange batterman and eyelets really pop here. This cap also varies from the one the Yankees wore that game in that it swaps out the

1992 Everett Giants - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

As I'm sure anyone reading this is already aware, Monday, April 3, 2016 was Opening Day however I have a question for the baseball purists out there: did it feel less special because there were three televised games on Sunday, April 3, which was the day before Opening Day? This question is tricky because some might say having Opening Day on a Monday is a tradition that must be observed but then there are also those that wonder who in their right mind would be upset that the baseball season began early ? I love the traditional aspect of the game but I admit that I fall into the latter camp simply because my motto is "more baseball, more better". Well that's not really my motto but one of my dreams is for Major League Baseball to expand and have a short-season league in the Southern Hemisphere (or make the Australian Baseball League a thing) so that MLB could have games year-round, meaning there would be two Opening Days! In that case, let's talk logistics

1983 Denver Bears Snapback - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

I’ve been holding on to this pristine gem for far too long and now the time has come for you to enjoy its freshness. You may be wondering what is the story with this logo so let me fill you in on  this barely worn Denver Bears cap from the early 1980’s. The red, white and blue colorway is something that Colorado baseball has not embraced in over 30 years and I'd like to see the Rockies to wear this hat as part of a Throwback Thursday promotion. Ok, maybe they can forget the mesh part, unless they were going to do a hipster-themed Throwback Thursday and incorporate the trucker-hat phenomenon of a few years back. Wow that sweatband is immaculate! One thing I like about this snapback is that there is a vague size tag noting this cap is a "Large" meaning it's for anyone who is between a size 7 and and 7 5/8. Good information! The green underbrim and (at one-time) white sweatband are a must if you are going to retro a cap properly. The reason yo