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1993 Baltimore Orioles - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It has been almost two full months since my last post and while the holidays kept me occupied, things have been slow in regards to picking up new caps that I have been excited about. Luckily, I went home to visit my folks in Virginia and brought back some old hats to spice up the rotation such as this 1993 Baltimore Orioles cap in celebration of January 5 being National Bird Day. In 1993, the Orioles were in the midst of a renaissance with Cal Ripken inching closer to breaking Lou Gehrig's record of consecutive games played as well as Oriole Park at Camden Yards hosting that year's All-Star Game just one season after its opening.  Over the years writing this blog, I have made more than a few mentions of the New York Yankees being one of the last teams to switch over to caps with grey undervisors in 1994 but this week's Fresh Fitted Friday shows that the Orioles were also holding onto the green til the very end. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to resist popping