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2011-18 Helena Brewers (National Beer Day)

The inspiration for selecting a late-era Helena Brewers cap for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday post is that National Beer Day is celebrated annually on April 7. This year's holiday toasts to the 90th anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt signing the law allowing people to brew and sell beer, thus effectively ending the Prohibition Era which began in 1920. The backbone of every beer is malt which is comprised of barley and is strongly represented here just as it has been historically on the logos of Helena's parent club in Milwaukee throughout the years. The blue and gold MILB batterman are beautiful against the navy crown here. Made in Bangladesh cap but FYI, you'll need a permit to drink beer with an ABV of higher than 0.5% in Bangladesh. Sadly, Helena lost its team when MILB contracted after the 2019 season and now the closest option for baseball fans in that town to catch games is about two hours away in  Missoula. That's still a far better option than having to