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Milwaukee Brewers City Connect "Grill" Rail with Cooler Patch (Hat Club exclusive)

The past two write-ups have been notably more verbose than usual around here so  I hope this 4th of July weekend brings a sort of return to form as we celebrate the tailgating and cookout aspect of the holiday with a Milwaukee Brewers City Connect "Grill" cap for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday post. This is a Hat Club exclusive which varies from the on-field version the Brew Crew wears during its City Connect games. In terms of aesthetics, I actually prefer how the baseball-stitched grill design from the right sleeve patch of the team's j ersey is the primary focus on this hat. Hat Club also released a non-rail version of this cap which flips the placement of the cooler and grill designs. Even though the "Brewed in Milwaukee" is not as easy to read here, I chose this one because the baseball grill logo needed to be front and center. Clean flat batterman logo on a powder blue crown is one of the most ultimate retro 1980s ways to go which means I am in full