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Norfolk Tides (Trident)

Looking back at the past few posts made me realize that all of these recent caps have featured either green, yellow or orange hues which are ones that some might consider garish. So continuing on in that tradition, this week's Fresh Fitted Friday  selection is the "Trident" variation of the Norfolk Tides logo which falls within that loud category that tend to gravitate towards. I took the seam ripper to work here and I'm pleased with the results. Also, I'm not sure exactly when the Tides wear the "Trident" logo but this and the road cap are easily my two favorites. No knock on the home hat but it is going into its eighth year and I wish the team would play around with the colorblocking by at least featuring black panels on the front. Standard issue sweatband tags here. All good. I like the "Gatorade" vibes on the batterman here enough to add a new label for it on the this post and am committed to tagging future and past posts with featuring b

2019 Monarcas de Eugene (Eugene Emeralds - Copa de la Diversión)

January 19 is National Popcorn Day so of course I am currently regretting not picking up one of the sweet Cracker Jack inspired caps from the "Ballpark Snacks" collection released by Hat Club x Yote City in 2022. Because I am hesitant to pay resell prices for newer caps, I had to quickly find an alternate solution for a popcorn-related cap for this week's  Fresh Fitted Friday post. Whilst researching my options I learned there are two different kinds of corn used to make popcorn:  butterfly and  mushroom. The former is what you are enjoying after it is loaded with butter and salt at the movie theatre whereas   the latter — which  coincidentally enough, also resembles a  baseball— is the kind that is coated in caramel to make  Cracker Jack. Because a brown hat that also features red, white and blue was sadly not at my disposal, a pivot toward the butterfly varietal of popcorn brings us to the Monarcas de Eugene cap which the Eugene Emeralds debuted in 2019 as their inaug

1989 World Series - Oakland Athletics “Battle of the Bay”

Throughout this blog's history, my pettiness as a San Francisco Giants fan has led me to systematically avoiding write-ups of caps worn by my team's rivals. While there have been less than a handful of Los Angeles Dodgers posts over the years, this week’s post is my first time ever featuring an Oakland Athletics cap as a Fresh Fitted Friday selection. In my defense, the previously featured Dodgers caps were (objectively speaking) absolute bangers that I mostly posted in hopes of finding a trade partner. And today my justification for breaking the A’s streak is January 12 being “Kiss a Ginger Day” which left me choice but to pay tribute to Mark McGwire who is indisputably the All-Time Mack Daddy of Baseball Gingers. Owning an item commemorating 1989’s “Battle of the Bay” is obviously not something I would ever own personally but that did not stop me from scooping up this beauty as a gift to a friend who is an A’s fan. The 1989 World Series patch brings about some mixed emotion

1993 Baltimore Orioles - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It has been almost two full months since my last post and while the holidays kept me occupied, things have been slow in regards to picking up new caps that I have been excited about. Luckily, I went home to visit my folks in Virginia and brought back some old hats to spice up the rotation such as this 1993 Baltimore Orioles cap in celebration of January 5 being National Bird Day. In 1993, the Orioles were in the midst of a renaissance with Cal Ripken inching closer to breaking Lou Gehrig's record of consecutive games played as well as Oriole Park at Camden Yards hosting that year's All-Star Game just one season after its opening.  Over the years writing this blog, I have made more than a few mentions of the New York Yankees being one of the last teams to switch over to caps with grey undervisors in 1994 but this week's Fresh Fitted Friday shows that the Orioles were also holding onto the green til the very end. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to resist popping