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Staten Island Ferryhawks - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Looking back on last week's Riverside Pilots post, I am only now appreciating how the aviation theme of the team's name dovetails with a nautical element of being a former Seattle Mariners affiliate. Similarly,  the bird in the logo of  this week's Staten Island FerryHawks hat meets that flight requirement while the water surrounding their ballpark provides all the necessary aquatic vibes. The FerryHawks logo from New Jersey-based Skye Design Studios falls perfectly in the middle of the quirky  Poochie Effect and the menacing  Brandiose Clench , which is a stylistic theme I've noticed in the work of the legendary firm that delivered Staten Island's  infamous Pizza Rats identity .   This is the first OC Sports hat I've featured here and while I've been a New Era purist for the majority of my time collecting, their recent quality control issues have led me to seek out other producers.  This is also my first Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB) c