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2017 Augusta Greenjackets Alternate (Diamond Era) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

The Wingure (winged creature) theme continues this week with the Augusta GreenJackets and I started the party early this past Wednesday with a St. Patrick’s Day post on Instagram featuring the Pro-Line cap the team wore from 1994-2005. The reason it's not this week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is because I already featured it in a blog post in August, fittingly enough, of 2011 which was a few years before I created my Baseball Milquetoast account on Instagram! I've apparently developed a little biennial St.Patrick's Day tradition with the GreenJackets here as I wrote about my New Era version of the hat to celebrate the holiday back in 2019. This year's honoree is a Diamond Era version of alternate cap logo the GreenJackets wore before their Brandiose rebrand in late 2017. I dig how the “G” integrates a “J” into it as a nod to the GreenJackets name and that the bottom serif on the “J” has a sort of stinger effect. My brother-in-law's initials are "J.G.&q

San Francisco Giants 2014 All-Star Game Patch Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

The 2016 MLB All-Star Game will be here in less than two weeks and I have an important question to ask: do you have a cap that is equally garish and banal enough to show support for your team? If you are a San Francisco Giants fan like I am, click here to pick one up in your team's flavor. I'm less than enthused about the stars on the eyelets but I appreciate that there are efforts being made to take new and interesting design choices on this year's on-field cap. In keeping with a trend that was started in 2014, this year's All-Star Game's on-field cap is a Diamond Era style hat where the colorways are not necessarily consistent with the one's a team uses normally. There are a few interesting palette choices overall and you can see a few examples of how this looks here . While they decided to keep the All-Star Game cap understated this year, you've no doubt seen the atrocity that is the 2016 Home-Run Derby cap . This design schema is in contrast to h

2014 MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I'm not usually into Giants hats in colorways other than black and orange but the combination of dark navy and gym red on the 2014 MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby cap is mighty snazzy. The left-side patch seems almost painted on here. Not complaining, just an observation! In retrospect, it would have been cool if they honored Prince's hometown of Minneapolis with some purple here. Standard issue Diamond Era materials on the inside but of course I must dock points because the cap was not Made in U.S.A. The red, white and blue batterman seals the deal here even though the cap is imported from China. We are one week closer to the 2016 MLB All-Star Game and since last week’s post, there haven't been many new images released of this year's cap and uniform lineup. As of now, the only photo I’ve found of the cap that the players will be wearing during this year's ASG in San Diego is this one: Oops, sorry about that. The image

2014 Springfield Cardinals Diamond Era - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

This week’s Fresh Fitted is a 2014 Springfield Cardinals Diamond Era cap. This cap was sent to me as a bonus (accidentally?) on one of my recent binge orders and I’m happy they sent it because it’s the first Diamond Era cap in my collection. I really enjoy wearing the older “batting practice” caps when partaking in activities (aka exercising, blech!) that require breathable headwear so I think this one should be no different. The only problem is that there are lots of Cardinals fans out there and it would be awkward if someone said to me “Go Cards!”and I replied with “Go Giants!” or I could just yell back, "This is an Angry Birds hat, man!" but maybe saying nothing would be worse! I’m also not too big on red-colored caps but I do feel some security in knowing that on-coming traffic will have an easier time seeing me as opposed to if I was wearing my black San Francisco Giants batting practice cap. One thing that’s bugging me though is that I’m not sure