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1933 Regina Nationals (Ebbets Field Flannels retro)

I've featured many Ebbets hats here over the years but this 1933 Regina Nationals retro cap is perfect for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday post because today's date is February 10 which means we celebrate National Umbrella Day as well as National Flannel Day, although I'm not sure if those holidays hold the same weight in Canada. A common misconception many U.S. folks have is that it's gloomy in all parts of Canada so flannels and umbrellas are required no matter where you are however  just 390mm of precipitation accumulates per year on average in  Regina, Saskatchewan. Just for reference, that equals the amount of rain in Denver and less than what Salt Lake City gets in a year. By contrast, the average temperature is considerably higher in those US cities than what is experienced in Regina so it's good to have a flannel hat there as well as here  in NYC where it's still rather chilly, especially as  Punxsutawney Phil determined this past Groundhog Day tha