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Greensboro Grasshoppers "Ocelotes" (Copa de la Diversión)

I have celebrated my fair share of wacky holidays on this blog recently but with St. Patrick's Day coming up this weekend, I am once again going rogue by celebrating a different holiday in its place. Well,  I suppose St. Urho's Day is not entirely different as it is also a playfully fabricated celebration of a saint who chased away a threat menacing his people. While the hero of St. Patrick's Day weilded a staff to rid Ireland of its snakes, St. Urho, according to Friends of Finland Community , saved Finnish grape grops from the grasshoppers that almost ruined the harvest with a trident. So of course a cap with a green visor and a snarling ocelot holding a clava (spanish for "club") is the natural choice for this week's Fresh Fitted Friday post.  Greensboro selected "ocelotes" for their Copa de la  Diversión  identity as a nod to the three ocelots currently residing in the South American habitat at the North Carolina Zoo in nearby Asheboro, NC.    T