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1993-1994 Kauai Emeralds Cap

07/05/2023 U pdate: In honor of being today being National Hawaii Day, I am updating this entry with some new photos as well as some  grammar and formatting modifications which were made with the goal in mind of altering  the original post's content as little as possible. While at a Yankees game recently, I thought back on how many minor league games I attended at Met Park/Harbor Park as a youth and how I spent the majority of my summers trying to obtain autographs from a mixed group of washed-up major leaguers and players who had yet to make a name for themselves. The differences between games of the minor league and MLB are night and day but there are some similarities. While I do enjoy the serious mentality of the major market teams, I also appreciate the laid-back small town approach toward baseball. There are many amenities to be had at major league ballparks but after emptying out my wallet at the concession stands game after game, I often find myself wishing I could pay mino