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1999-2001 Birmingham Barons Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

I'd love to continue celebrating the Southern League, but it seems that after writing about five of the ten current teams, I've run out of caps to write about! Because of this, I've decided to share some images of a more recent—but still vintage—Birmingham Barons cap than the 1993-94 Barons cap that I wrote about almost two years ago.

Sometimes I wonder if the Barons logo is as ubiquitous as I believe it to be. Of course, the fact that Michael Jordan wore this ballcap should be the first thing someone thinks of when they see this week's hat. Despite this fact, I still get the occasional "Boston Sucks" comment from uneducated baseball fans here in New York City. 

The most recent one was from a guy in a Yankees jersey with Aaron Judge's last name and number on the back. I found that to be especially ironic because not only should no self-respecting Yankees fan ever wear a jersey with a player's name on the back but it also proves he knows nothing of class…

Montgomery Biscuits - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Now that I've apparently run out of Texas League hats, it's time to move on to another theme. Because I always seem to have fun with Double-A teams, I think it makes sense to write about some Southern League caps that I've had waiting in the wings and I'm kicking things off with the Montgomery Biscuits home hat.

Surprisingly enough, I've only recently come around on the Biscuits logo. I suppose that's because it seemed like just another silly logo when I first saw it but over time I've grown to appreciate its worth. Biscuits are delicious and fun and if you have a problem enjoying delicious things and having fun then you probably don't love minor league baseball.

That might seem like a harsh judgement but I feel the need to pump up these newer logos rather than trying to capture the past which is what I'm essentially doing when waxing nostalgic on the seemingly endless stream of retro and vintage caps out there.

Case in point: the Biscuits have rocked…

2017 Frisco RoughRiders Alt 2 Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

Continuing the Texas League celebration this week with a Frisco RoughRiders alternate hat which features the US's 26th President, Teddy Roosevelt, swinging a big ole bat. 

An interesting connection between the RoughRiders and last week's Round Rock Express post is that the two teams only played against each other in the Texas League during Frisco's inaugural season in 2003 as Round Rock switched over to the Triple-A Pacific Coast League in 2004.

It almost goes without saying but Brandiose absolutely knocked it out of the park with this Teddy Roosevelt alternate logo however another reason it is very topical is because tomorrow marks 118 years since the day Roosevelt became President of the United States. 

While our quadrennial elections have historically happened on the first Tuesday in November, the reason for this particular anniversary is because Roosevelt's predecessor, William McKinley, was assassinated on September 14, 1901. 

I'm sorry to have ended this week'…

2005-07 Round Rock Express - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

You know it's the end of the baseball season when I'm trying to cram as many games in as possible. Last week's Staten Island Yankees game was loads of fun so this week I ventured to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx to watch the big league club take on the Texas Rangers.

That matchup reminded me that I hadn't featured a Texas-related hat in far too long and in fact, it's been over two years since the 1991-92 Jackson Generals post so this week's 2005-07 Round Rock Express cap has a connection to not only that cap but the Rangers as well. 

Earlier I mentioned this cap had a connection to the Texas League Jackson Generals and that's because Nolan Ryan's ownership group (RSR) was instrumental in moving the Houston Astros Double-A affiliate to Round Rock in 2000 and rebranding it as the Express, which is an homage to Ryan, whose nickname as a player was "The Ryan Express." 

Ryan is an absolute legend when it comes to baseball in Texas and I think a big rea…