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Early 1990's Yakima Bears

Welcome back to another week under quarantine, folks! This post takes our talents on a road trip out west so that we can discover all the rugged beauty that it has to offer. To mark this special occasion, I've got a Yakima Bears snapback from the early 1990's that I believe to be one of the more rare caps that the team wore during its existence. The simplicity of the Yakima "Y" in the cap logo provides a sense of timelessness and even though the team is now-defunct, the design should be revived by the next team that makes its home in Yakima. Besides the copious amount of schmutz on the sweatband, the tags here tell a very short story as to what year this cap was worn as these two specific tags are prevalent on many of the early 1990's snapbacks that I've seen before. The missing MILB batterman embroidery is suggests to me that this cap is most likely from the early 1990's. I have found no evidence of the team wearing this yellow crowned cap in

1993 Sioux Falls Canaries - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Before I get carried away with anything else, I am compelled to beg forgiveness in regards to last week's truancy. If you are a regular reader of this blog it is likely because I'm a regular poster so please know that is not a miss that I'd like to repeat again. Perhaps a gap in posts was not such a bad idea as there is no clear segue from a collegiate summer league team whose moniker is a tarp skunk. In truth, the only thing to do is to feature a cap from another team that is not affiliated with Major League Baseball so this week's hat is the one worn by the 1994 Sioux Falls Canaries of the Northern League. In some world it makes complete sense to docile canary from a fearsome skunk and that world is here. According to the images I've seen of players, the team only wore this cap logo in 1994, which was their second season in the league. Any reader who has spent some time around here knows my favorite New Era tags are the ones from the mid-1990's.

Taking this week off, folks

Hello dear reader, I bet you're wondering why there's no post this week! Maybe it has to do with Good Friday? Maybe I haven't been home much?  At any rate, I can assure you it's neither of those; I just straight up forgot because every day bleeds into each other now so I had no idea it was time to post until it was too late. Oh well, see you next week!

2020 Jamestown Tarp Skunks - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It's been a week since "Opening Day" came and went without (actually coming) and it should come as no surprise that I've resorted to watching random vintage baseball clips that I find online. In short, I'll do whatever it takes to fill the void this quarantine is serving me. In the interests of fairness, this time of self-reflection has had some positive effects and the first of those is I've had a chance to organize my hat collection a bit so the next few series that I run should have me diving in even deeper than you've seen me do in the past. I'll be looking for ways to keep things fresh around here and the first way I'll do that is by featuring a cap from the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League,which is something I've never done before so may I present to you, the 2020 Jamestown Tarp Skunks cap! If MILB teams are known for fostering a loose environment regarding silly team names and promotions, I'd be willing to be the Tarp Skun