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2002 Detroit Tigers Hat - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

For the third installment of The Great eBay Haul, I'll be riffing off last week's  2006 World Series   St. Louis Cardinals  hat  by featuring the team that the Cardinals defeated in that Fall Classic which (in case you might have forgotten) was the Detroit Tigers.  The Old English "D" is iconic. Something I appreciate about the Tigers' cap is how unprone it is to bandwagon fans, at least compared to other teams. Besides  fans of  Magnum, PI and Eminem how often do you see anyone who isn't a Michigan native wearing one? Sadly I won't be wearing this hat as it's a few sizes too big but I doubt I'd wear a Detroit Tigers hat anyway as I don't want to mislead people into thinking I'm a Michigan native...or a fan of Eminem or Magnum, PI. Of course,  Tigers minor league caps are a different beast! The sweatband tags and satin lining inside the crown are clearly from the early 2000's but the only match of those features I co

2006 St. Louis Cardinals World Series Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

The second cap in The Great eBay Haul is another one I'm not going to be able to wear. As a  fan of the San Francisco Giants  it would be reprehensible for me to wear a St. Louis Cardinals cap.   I do have some caps of Cardinals minor league affiliates but wearing the hat of such a  historical National League rival would be gauche; besides this one's  size is 7 1/4 which is too small for me! The hat's crown and brim are red and I try to avoid the all-red look which is another reason I won't be able to rock this one. Wool caps with white sweatbands and grey underbrims went away in 2007 however some Tigers players wore prototypes of the polyester caps with black sweatbands and underbrims in the 2006 World Series. The satin taping with the "Originators of the True Fitted" and "New Era Fits" slogans came about in 2005, as did the "Blue Box" sweatband tags.  Even though this cap isn't my size, I like having ones from t

2005 Houston Astros Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

This site might currently rank highly in Google searches for "Houston Astros Minor League Cap Extravaganza" but that wasn't my goal when I began posting photos of those dang caps. I definitely got lucky with those but an even more fortuitous event happened recently and this 2005 Houston Astros cap is the first installment of this haul's showcase.  Enjoy! According to Cliff Corcoran's exhaustive SB Nation writeup  Houston Astros uniforms through history , the "Brick and Black" cap was in regular use from 2000 which was the Astros' first season at Minute Maid Park (then-Enron Field) through 2012. Even though this cap isn't my size, I like having ones from this period in my possession. The "Blue Box" tags on the white sweatband first appeared in 2005 as did the "New Era Fits" and "Originators of the True Fitted" text on the satin taping. This cap's colorway was used for many years but this pa

1991-94 Osceola Astros Cap

As I mentioned last week, it was hard for me to take a break from the "Houston Astros Minor League Cap Extravaganza" but now that I've secured this Osceola Astros cap as the latest installment in the series, I also need to share a valuable piece of knowledge regarding Florida's geography that you might not know: there is not a city in Florida named Osceola. From 1985-2016, the Houston Astros made their Spring Training home at Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee, Florida. It's now home field to the Florida Fire Frogs of the Florida State League and from 1985-1994, it was home to the Osceola Astros (who later became the Kissimmee Cobras) as well as various Gulf Coast League affiliates over the years. The O-Astros used this cap logo without much variation from  their inaugural year in 1985 until their rebranding as the Kissimmee Cobras in 1995 . For this reason it's foolish to try to assign a year to it but if I had to guess, I'd say it's from th