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1994-96 Wichita Wranglers - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

A few weeks back I mentioned wanting to write about teams in the playoff race but instead opted to feature the  "Mystery 'N' Star" post —which in a way is adjacent to the Texas Rangers, who are now in the postseason—however despite the League Division Series starting this weekend, I am holding off on showcasing any of those eight teams until the games are officially underway. Of course, half the teams could be eliminated by the time next Friday comes along but I am taking that risk because today's date is October 6 and any fan of Lewis Carroll's 1865 book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  should associate 10/6 with the Hatter and thus felt compelled to write about a cap where the logo prominently features a hat for National Mad Hatter Day. I write about the Trading Block a lot and while I do hoard a large portion of my caps, there are a good amount that I am willing to move if I can find the right trading partner. And that's what happened recently when

2020 Abejas de Salt Lake - (Salt Lake Bees -Copa de la Diversión) - Fresh Fitted Friday

We are two weeks into Hispanic Heritage Month and calling back to last year's Los Murciélagos de Louisville  post is this week's Abejas de Salt Lake cap, which is another stunning logo created for the Copa de la Diversión campaign which itself is an expansion of the Es Divertido Ser Un Fan ("It's Fun to Be a Fan") fan engagement program that began in 2017. This logo is one of the more understated Copa designs but the clean lines and bright colors—featuring just the right amount of Tealism , by the way—caught my eye instantly and I especially  appreciate how they implement the bee stripes into the "A" here.   The grey undervisor is a special treat due to this cap being a Hat Club exclusive that I purchased in March 2020. Obviously the entire MILB season was canceled that year but even it had not, the team would not have worn this cap as this was a fan only release.  I love how relaxed the Miami Nights/San Antonio Spurs vibe is on this batterman. All of a

Hickory Llamas (2019 Copa de la Diversión)

This week's Fresh Fitted Friday finds me once again barely able to contain my composure as my San Francisco Giants have lost their two-horse race with the New York Yankees in the Aaron Judge Sweepstakes. Since last week's post, Jacob DeGrom departed from the New York Mets to join the Texas Rangers while Justin Verlander signed with the Mets to help fill that void. This now leaves Carlos  Rodón as the lone pitching ace without a place to call home in 2023 and at this point, I'm rather disinterested in where he ends up as long as it's not the Los Angeles Dodgers. Luckily, this recent article from MLB Trade Rumors  linking  Rodón with the Texas Rangers has me feeling confident that my rivals in LA are not likely to sign him to a deal.  My voodoo powers were ineffective last week but that didn't stop me from selecting the cap worn by the Rangers' High-A affiliates in Hickory, NC for this week's post! Ever since 2019, the Hickory Crawdads have been known as the

1996 Erie Sea Wolves (Carolina Blue Snapback)

The past two posts since returning from my mini-break have been proper Fresh Fitted Friday entries however this week I'm switching it up with an Erie Sea Wolves snapback in honor of National Dog Day which is today, August 26. Erie sported this Carolina Blue look on their caps from their inaugural season in 1996 through 1998 however the next photo will support my argument that this cap is most likely from their first season. The lack of New Era flag branding on this cap supports my conclusion that it's probably from 1996 since the flag logo came about the following year. And judging by the condition of the sweatband on this cap, I don't think anyone has washed it since 1996 either. I obtained this cap in a big haul a few years ago in order to scoop up an  Appleton Foxes cap  and while that was a worthwhile purchase, I haven't even worn that cap nor this one because the sweatband situation is so dire. I mentioned earlier that today is National Dog Day and while a Sea Wolf

Carolina Pescados (Carolina Mudcats - Copa de la Diversion)

I struggle whenever someone asks me what cap logo is my "favorite" and yet one would think that being unprepared for the same question enough times would prompt me to correct that but alas, I have not. I suppose I have more fun rattling off the first five caps that come to mind as opposed to working with a scripted answer.  If you ask me point blank right now about my "top 5" of current caps, it would include the Asheville Tourists, Vermont Lake Monsters, Norfolk Tides, Hillsboro Hops and Carolina Mudcats. There are plenty of defunct teams out there with caps that make me shed a tear of nostalgia but I figure if someone's asking about caps they want to hear about ones they could easily buy.  Besides the Hops which is a newer team, the rest of those clubs have rebranded a few times but of those remaining four, the only one that's consistently had the same logo for their entire existence is the Mudcats. So when it was time to create an identity for the Copa de

Pre-2004 Everett AquaSox - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

I hope everyone appreciated the temporary break from vintage caps over the last few weeks but I have to give you fair warning: this week's Everett AquaSox cap has plenty of aging on it as I have good reasons to believe this particular one was produced before 2004. Just looking at the logo is of no help in estimating this cap's age since the primary design has not been altered since the team's inception back in 1995, which of course was prime-time for tealism which we see prominently on the brim and cap button. The sweatband tags and satin taping on the inside are definitely from no year earlier than 2002 but I'd say this hat is either from that year or 2003, which was the last year this MILB tag appeared on most caps. I like the teal and poison-green on the MILB batterman here. Definitely spices things up! As you're well aware, I'm a huge fan of backstories when it comes to MILB teams and Everett is no exception. I've previously featured the A

2004 Tacoma Rainiers - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Now that the Pacific Coast League discovery session is in full swing, we need to focus on the Tacoma Rainiers, whose PCL membership goes all the way back to 1960, thus making them longest-tenured member of the league. It would be foolish to think that the PCL didn't suffer some sort of atrophy when Major League Baseball began populating the west in 1958 but one benefit was cities in Washington state like Tacoma and Spokane were able to gain entry to the league. Wordmark logos typically don't do it for me but the teal "R" in Rainiers here is incredible.  Ahh, the famed 2004 satin taping commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 59Fifty cap.   Of course, I love the tealism on the MILB batterman as well.  While I certainly appreciate the uniqueness of the 50th anniversary caps looked, I think it should go on the   Trading Block  because I'm sure someone out there is looking for a rarity such as this one and is willing to part  with one of the caps

1994 Bellingham Mariners - Fresh Fitted Friday

Y'all know I've been going hard in the paint with the vintage Single A Short Season caps lately but what you need to know about this week's Bellingham Mariners cap is that it is over 20 years old and today I'll finally be popping the tags on this deadstock fitted.  In 1993, the Seattle Mariners cap adopted a navy blue, silver and teal colorway. The Baby M's of the Northwest League took up tealism that year as well however they wore this cap for only more season after that because they became the Bellingham Giants in 1995. I would hope you agree that the tags on an MILB fitted cap from the 1990's are a true thing of beauty. Fewer low ball teams wore fitted caps in the mid-90's than today but remember Bellingham had a higher profile based on the MLB success of former Baby M's like Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey, Jr. The rebrand of the big club in Seattle might have played a role here as well. While the Kid and Edgar wore the prev

1999-2000 New Haven Ravens Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

This week's selection from The Great eBay Haul features not only another defunct Connecticut minor league team but it also follows the theme of caps that are too dang small for my noggin. I still had to at least try on this size 7 1/8 New Haven Ravens cap for nostalgia sake as one of my first MILB caps as a youngster was a Ravens hat. It might have actually been the same size as this one! Before they ever played a game,  I probably bought (aka my mom bought) that Ravens cap  assuming they were a Marlins affiliate (rather than Rockies) because of the black and teal colorway. I  don't know if I've told you this before but my Bar Mitzvah colors were teal and purple because like most people in the early 1990's, I had an acute case of Tealism. This cap's crown has a New Era flag so the earliest it can be from is 1999 and because the Ravens made some minor adjustments to their cap logo in 2001, this one is either from 1999 or 2000. The satin taping and

Florida Marlins 1997 World Series Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

After writing about Tim Raines and his connection to the New York Yankees  1996 World Series cap last week, I wanted to cover  another cap from a team that Raines played for.  I was also itching to write about another World Series cap which is why   I'm glad I found this 1997 Florida Marlins cap.  Even though Raines wasn't on the team in 1997, he did spend his last season there in 2002. Sadly, I o nce again need to come clean to state that I do not own this cap. The good news in that admission is that if you head over to eBay fast enough the cap can be yours! Of course I'm not going to provide a link to it or anything but hopefully you can forgive me for that. My opinion often wavers when it comes to colorway preferences, but I dig the teal & black more in comparison to the all-teal and all-black versions.  Not much of a difference between the 1997 World Series patch and the one from the year before  but this patch has become somewhat iconic over time.

1995 Riverside Pilots Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

This Riverside Pilots cap has to be one of most unique caps in my collection and that's mostly just because the team only existed from 1993 through 1995! Their ephemeral existence combined with the fact that they were only a High-A team with a tiny fanbase makes me wonder if I'll come across an unworn vintage Riverside Pilots hat ever again. The spirit of the 1990's is strong here as Tealism is in full effect. The sparkle from the silver lining is regal and that plane on the "R" makes you want to blast off, right? The MILB batterman logo started appearing on the back of minor league caps in 1995 and because that was the Pilots final season, we can be fairly certain this cap is from that year. The three tags were most predominantly used from 1994-96 and to me, they represent the Golden Age of New Era sweatband tags. Here's a rare shot of Raul Ibanez during his time as a Pilot. Special thanks to Mickey's Cards for not only having this card, but a sig

2014 Everett AquaSox - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It's been torrid in NYC over the past few days and when I have a fever, the only cure is "more Teal"… ballcaps!  While last week's episode of Tealism Appreciation focused on an East Coast squad, this week we jaunt across the country to show love to another team with an "E" on the cap logo and it's one that I had all but forgotten about : the Everett AquaSox.   My friend and I were at the Mets game on Tuesday and as we were bashing the  DiamondBacks'  ultra-dark road grays, he  brought up the Ninja BlackSox from the old NES game  Baseball Stars . The uniforms are similar but even more,  the "DiamondBacks" moniker is reminiscent of the other stupid names in that game which made me think of the AquaSox. Last week's  cap was of a  Class A-Short Season team and so is this one, as seen by the use of the  90 degree rotation of the iconic Mariners trident . Those who believe in nautical superstitions say the upside down trident is