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Florida Marlins 1997 World Series Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

After writing about Tim Raines and his connection to the New York Yankees 1996 World Series cap last week, I wanted to cover another cap from a team that Raines played for. I was also itching to write about another World Series cap which is whyI'm glad I found this 1997 Florida Marlins cap. 

Even though Raines wasn't on the team in 1997, he did spend his last season there in 2002. Sadly, I once again need to come clean to state that I do not own this cap. The good news in that admission is that if you head over to eBay fast enough the cap can be yours! Of course I'm not going to provide a link to it or anything but hopefully you can forgive me for that.

I hope enjoyed finding out more about this Florida Marlins 1997 World Series cap. Come back next week for more fun!

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New York Yankees 1996 World Series Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

I'm not going to mince words here: the best news of this entire week is that Tim Raines has been selected to join the 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame class. I've mentioned before how special Raines is to me and it brings me an incredible feeling of joy to know that he will be enshrined among the other great players who have contributed so much to this game.

As a cap enthusiast I wonder which one he will be wearing on his plaque. Of the 23 years Raines played in MLB, 13 were with the now-defunct Montreal Expos. He had a few quality years with the Chicago White Sox but his three years with the New York Yankees were certainly special considering he picked up two World Series rings in that time.

Of course, the decision of which cap he will wear on his plaque does not need to be decided just yet, so let's take a moment look at the style of cap that Raines wore as a part of the 1996 championship team. This particular one was signed by Bernie Williams who has an interesting uniform conn…

1982-86 Chicago White Sox

It would seem like this week's Fresh Fitted is just an extension off last week's Disco Era Chicago White Sox caps logo but this cap's significance to me is a lot greater than that. I mentioned last time that a minor league team called the Peninsula White Sox (also known as the Pen-Sox) wore this cap from 1986-87. 

There aren't many photos or baseball cards of the Pen-Sox but the ones I could find both show them wearing the navy crown/red brim version of the block-style "Sox" cap logo that the major league team wore from 1982-86.

Disclaimer: I was unable to physically track down this White Sox cap but I did find a seller on eBay who had one for sale so those are the photos that I'm posting today. If you want some fun extra credit try to identify the pattern of the kitchen towel shown in the following photos!

1976 Chicago White Sox Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday

Welcome to the first Fresh Fitted Friday of 2017, folks! Last year was one that many would rather not remember yet I'd like to propose a different way of bidding it farewall. If you're old enough to remember the 1970's, you could possibly rank certain years in the 1970's lower than 2016. While 2016 was awful, I'm hesitant to write it off as the worst year EVER.

After all if you are a Chicago Cubs fan, you will definitely take comfort in the team winning their first World Series since 1908. However, if you want to be reminded of a truly awful year —at least in terms of sports— then never let yourself forget that in 1976 the Cubs' crosstown rival Chicago White Sox had the gall to wear shorts as part of their uniform!

I hope y'all enjoyed the first of many Fresh Fitteds for this year. Perhaps a future post will be for the cap that the White Sox wore from 1982-86 which is the red-brim version. That particular cap is the one that the Peninsula White Sox (of the Ca…