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Early 1990's Durham Bulls

Disclaimer: So I said last week that the International League celebration would be coming to an end then and while you think I'm breaking my word for today's Fresh Fitted Friday  selection, I'm actually well within the rules because this Durham Bulls cap dates back to when  they were members of the Single-A Carolina League. The first year the Bulls wore this logo on their cap was in 1988 but I have a feeling that the paper tags that came attached to New Era caps didn't begin to appear until sometime in the early 1990's. If anyone has any proof otherwise, I'm all ears however a nother reason I presume this one to be from then is because of the tags on the sweatband. My apologies for the crummy quality of these photos but would you believe that they're from 2011? If you're ever been in awe about how old some of these caps are, just remember that some of the photos of these old caps are almost 10 years old themselves! Now, I must