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1999 Shreveport Captains Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

It happens every year around this time. As baseball's regular season comes to a close, I can't help but feel sadness when the San Francisco Giants don't make it to the postseason. It's happened a lot over the years so you'd think I'd be used to it by now but it never gets easier. Even after two World Series wins in three years, I'm finding that this year stings especially hard because not only did the Giants finish poorly but the Los Angeles Dodgers are West Division champions. It's hard to write that, and it's even harder to read. In times like these I have to cheer myself (and hopefully some other distraught Giants fans out there) up with a vintage cap from a former Giants minor league affiliate. I was lucky enough to scoop-up this Shreveport Captains cap on eBay for a great deal a little while back.  I am still on the lookout for backups but every time i see a new listing for one  it's some ass-clown trying to get anywhere from $50 to $100

1950's New York Baseball Giants (Cooperstown Ballcap Co. Retro) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

For this week's issue of Fresh Fitted Friday I'm featuring a 1950's New York Giants cap that was produced by Cooperstown Ballcap Co. I chose this  cap because i thought it important to recognize the rich history that the Giants had in New York City.  Doing a little background on the Giants will tell you that the Giants, or rather the Gothams as they were known when they joined the National League in 1883, were the main attraction for many years when it came to baseball in New York. The rivalry that they had with the Brooklyn Dodgers remains as one of the greatest baseball rivalries of all time.  The Giants were dominant in the National League in their early years and achieved more than their fair share of NL pennants. Still though, the New York Yankees winning World Series championships for the American League year after year effectively stole the spotlight from the Giants and the Dodgers. In 1958, both the Giants and the Dodgers moved to San Franc

Retro Cap Haul - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!!!!!!

As baseball's season is winding down, it's easy to differentiate between the teams that are destined for the playoffs from the teams that are just trying finish the season on somewhat of a high note. Out of 30 teams, only eight will advance to the postseason but I'd be hesitant to say that the teams that won't play any games in October are ready to just "call it in" for the rest of the way. At the beginning of the 2013 season, the Cleveland Indians seemed to have captured lightning in the bottle with a new manager at the helm (Terry Francona) and with new player additions such as Nick Swisher and Michael Bourne. The honeymoon hasn't been completely smooth all the way until now but as of now, the Indians might still have a shot at competing for a postseason spot. I've been considering breaking the hat below out for a while now. First off, I love the huge cap logo featuring Chief Wahoo. The newer caps don't have such a prominent logo and it goes

1992 Tidewater Tides Cap (game-worn by Kevin Baez) - FreshFittedFriday!!!

I don't go to many Mets games and that is mostly because they've been a disappointing franchise to follow, but I'm also not a fan of the old Ebbets Field influence in the park's design. Despite all of the club's poor business decisions and overt tributes to the Brooklyn Dodgers' legacy, going to a Mets game is a big part of getting my "Flushing-on" in Queens. For me that means relaxing at a ballgame while drinking some craft beers and putting down a few shake shack burgers. It also means heading down to the Chinatown on Main Street in Flushing after the game to enjoy some duck buns, soup dumplings, bubble tea and other tasty edible Asian treats! I love Flushing for many food-related reasons but it doesn't do much to step up my fitted hat game like Brooklyn and the Bronx can. The fact that I don't want any Mets hats in my cap rotation probably has something to do with the fact that the cap I feel most comfortable wearing to CitiField is a