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Prince William Cannons - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

MLB’s 2018 season is just a month in however it didn’t truly begin for me until I got to attend my first game of the year this past Wednesday. I’m thankful that technology allows me to watch multiple games in split screen mode on my TV but it can’t compare to the sensation I felt when I made my maiden voyage through the turnstiles at Yankee Stadium.

I was fortunate to enjoy the game among the company of three friends who are all hardcore baseball fans and each attending their first game of the season as well. Of course, it was lots of fun and the cherry on top was that I christened a retro Prince William Yankees cap!

As much as I strive to find vintage official on-field caps to write about here, some are so rare I’ve given up on finding them. I’ve begged the main hat producers to retro some of my most chased caps but my pleas are usually not heard. Then sometimes, when I think my prayers have been answered, the logo size is inaccurate or the colorways are all wrong.

I hope this cap gets…

2008-12 St. Lucie Mets Cap - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Even though my stock of caps from the Sunshine State isn't quite depleted, I've few other themes in mind for the coming weeks so this one is now winding down. In the meantime, I hope you dig this week's cap: a St. Lucie Mets cap featuring the "Big Fly" logo!

Speaking of anniversary caps, I recently had some spirited social media discussions regarding whether a team should celebrate it's "20th anniversary" during its 20th season or after the completion of that season. A fellow hat nerd shared this article from Uniwatch that in short, states you don't celebrate a 20th anniversary until the completion of the 20th year.
The article argues that if you celebrate during the 20th season, you are commemorating the ordinal rather than the anniversary. I suppose my issue is I always thought of the ordinal number as simply the position something holds in a list (eg. first place, 99th problem, etc.). 
Either way, I appreciate that 1988 and 2018 share the same n…

Jupiter Hammerheads - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

This week's Florida MILB selection is the current Jupiter Hammerheads cap and it's one that shares a common trait with last week's Brevard County Manatees hat: Since their inception, both Florida State League teams have hardly altered their cute logo at all! 

From 1994-2001, the Manatees had a grey, teal and black cap logo to match the Florida Marlins, who were their original parent club, but traded in that colorway in for grey, blue and red in 2002 when they became the High-A affiliate of the Montreal Expos.

The West Palm Beach Expos relocated to Jupiter to become the Hammerheads in 1998. The team wore a grey, red and black cap logo through 2002 which was their first year of affiliation with the Marlins yet didn't swap out the red for teal until the following season.

If I ever make it down to the West Palm Beach area during baseball season, I'd love to check out a Hammerheads game at Roger Dean Stadium. And if the Hammerheads are on the road, it's no problem as t…

1994-96 Brevard County Manatees - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!

We're wrapping up the second week of MLB's 2018 season however I'm showing no signs of slowing down with the inventory of minor league caps from Florida teams. This week's cap is a Florida State League classic: a Brevard County Manatees cap from 1994-96.

 I've mentioned this before but it's worth repeating that the peak level of my interest in minor league baseball came in the mid-1990's so it's no surprise that when the Portland Sea Dogs and the Brevard County Manatees showed up in 1994 with black and teal caps, I was sold on these teams immediately.
The Manatees and Sea Dogs share a few special distinctions. Besides having similar design elements in their uniforms, they were two of the main anchors in the Florida Marlins minor league system from 1994 until 2001 and 2002, respectively. Their cap logos stayed the same during that time and the Marlins top prospects continued to roll through. 

While the Sea Dogs are still thriving in Portland, I'm sad to…