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1993-95 Riverside Pilots (2018 Hat Club Retro) - Fresh Fitted Friday!!!!

Last week was a celebration of all things hip-hop but at the end of the post, I mentioned how I began this blog's  Fresh Fitted Friday tradition with my 1992 Seattle Mariners post on August 16, 2013 . To that point, it only makes sense that ten years later I'm coming through with a Riverside Pilots retro which to me is undoubtedly one of the best Mariners affiliate logos ever. It's hard to believe it's already been a year since my  Wichita Aeros post celebrating National Aviation Day  and I am glad to showcase this Riverside Pilots hat to continue the tradition as this year the holiday falls tomorrow, August 19. Made in U.S.A. tags are a welcome treat here for sure as they become increasingly more rare by the year with whatever is floating around continues to get snatched up. The teal, navy and silver batterman looks great on a navy crown and especially here. I love all things 90s so of course the current colorway the Mariners have rocked since 1993 is near and dear to

1982 Wichita Aeros (Hat Club Retro)

Two consecutive posts since returning from my most recent break and now I'm firmly back in my wheelhouse which is showing love to esoteric MILB logos! This week's Fresh Fitted Friday selection is a 1982 Wichita Aeros retro that I got from Hat Club back in the early part of 2021 while they were on a tear of releasing retro MILB caps. Wichita only wore this logo for one season in 1982 and despite the original cap being of the "Fresh Mesh" variety and that the thickness of Hat Club's "W" is way too thick here, what grated on me was their decision to use  red stitching on the white panels of the cap . All good though, all I needed was a a seam ripper to be back in business! I have an order in the works with my plug for a vintage snapback version of this cap which also has a green undervisor however for some reason I've always preferred grey undervisors when it comes to Montreal Expos affiliates. Either way I'm happy to have this logo in an "eve